Across the United States there are hundreds of community bands of volunteer musicians keeping instrumental music alive in their local cities. Utah is no exception.  In Utah County, the Wasatch Winds Symphonic Band is the largest ensemble for adult musicians seeking a full band experience.

The community band is not new to the state of Utah.  Near the turn of the century nearly every town in Utah had some sort of community band.  This tradition was lost over the years and is now regaining its place in the lives of the members of our local community.  The Wasatch Winds is not a professional group, though a listener may think so after a first listening.  Ensemble members meet every other week from 7-9 p.m. at American Fork High School.  These musicians represent diverse professions including lawyers, teachers, insurance agents, retirees, and many others. As with any ensemble members are asked to practice outside of rehearsal to prepare for the up coming concert.  

Members of the Wasatch Winds come to band for many reasons many come looking for an opportunity to refresh and continue a skill and joy they had experienced while during their school years.  The Wasatch Winds provides such an experience.  As with other community and school music groups in the American Fork area the Wasatch Winds Symphonic Band strives for musical excellence in everything they do.  The Wasatch Winds is a fine example  of continuing music education and musical excellence throughout a person’s life.